If you are a foreign citizen wants to visit Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah, you must have an Umrah Visa. You can have a visa applying through a proper channel and maintaining the proper documentation. There is no specific time to apply for Umrah Visa; it is open all year round as Umrah can be performed throughout the year. However, there are certain times when most people perform Umrah. If you want to perform in those busy periods, you can travel to Saudi Arabia during the months of February, December, and Ramadan. On the other hand, you can travel during the rest of the months if you want to perform Umrah in crowd-free times. As most people visit Makkah for Umrah during February, December, and Ramadan, we have designed the following Umrah packages for those periods.

14 Days Umrah Package Only BDT 155,000 with Return Air Ticket

Valid Till 20 December 2022

#3 Star Equivalent Hotel
#7 Nights in the Makkah
700 meters away from Makkah
#6 Nights in the Madinah
100 meters away from Madinah
√ 3 meals of Bengali food
√ Muallim (Guide)

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Saudi Umrah Visa Requirements

  • A completed and signed original Umrah visa application form. You can have the visa application form by post; for this, you have to send a large envelope with the self-address mentioned to Saudi Consulate nearby.

Note: If you have a non-Muslim name, you have to submit a certificate stating that you are a Muslim from an Islamic center or a mosque.

  • A passport with a minimum of the 6-month validity from the date of the submission of your application.

Note: The passport must prove that you are 18 years of age or above. There is no maximum age limit for Umrah visa application if you are physically fit to perform Umrah.

  • 1 recent passport size color photograph with white background. The photo has to be attached to the application form. It must be a full-face view photograph. The visa applicant must face the camera directly; sided or angled views will not be accepted.
  • A non-refundable and confirmed return air ticket. The departure date must be in 2 weeks from the date of entry to Saudi Arabia.
  • Women and children must be accompanied by Mahram. You have to submit the proof of relationship (a marriage certificate for a wife, a birth certificate for a child mentioning both the parents’ names). The mahram must travel to/from Saudi Arabia on the same flight with his companion: wife, children, mother, mother-in-law, 1st-degree aunty(s), sister(s), grandmother(s).

Note: A woman who is 45 or over is allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah without a Mahram if she travels with an organized group or family. In that case, she has to submit a notarized no-objection certificate from Mahram.

Note: For the applicant who is not a national of the country of his/her application, he/she must submit a valid residency permit with the application.

  • A full vaccination certificate of Covid-19. You must complete 2 doses of Pfizer Biotech / Oxford AstraZeneca / Moderna / 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson. If you are fully vaccinated with Sinopharm or Sinovac vaccines, you must take a booster dose of any of the mentioned vaccines.

Note: You must travel 14 days after you complete the full vaccination.

  • A PCR test certificate. The certificate is required before your flights from both Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia even if you are fully vaccinated. The PCR test must be done within 72 hours prior to your departure.
  • Document of medical insurance coverage. You must submit the document of the medical insurance covering the costs of Covid-19 treatment in outpatient clinics, emergencies, and the cost of the institutional quarantine for 14 days.

Visa Application Fees of Umrah Hajj

The Umrah Visa application fees differ from time to time and country to country. The Umrah Visa Application fees from Bangladesh along with the service charge and insurance fees are BDT 18000/- per applicant. We, Buy Air Ticket Ltd., provide the visa application service. Find our contact information for your visa application in the “Contact Us” section below.

Visa Processing Time for Umrah Hajj

The Umrah visa processing takes 1 to 5 working days. However, in general, the average visa processing time is 3 working days if no document is missed out.

Validity of Umrah Visa

The Umrah visa is valid only for 2 weeks from the date of your entry to Saudi Arabia. You have to perform Umrah and depart from Saudia Arabia within this 2-week period.

Note: If you perform Umrah in Ramadan, the visa cannot exceed the last day of Ramadan. You cannot observe Eid-Ul-Fitr in the country that is why you must travel before the end of the month, Ramadan.

Saudi Travel Guideline

When the temperature is low in Saudi Arabia?

The temperature in Saudi Arabia remains low in January and December.

  • You must download Tatamman and Tawakkalna applications from the respective AppStore of the smartphone you use and register on both the applications. Then you have to add your home location at the Tatamman app within 8 hours of entry to Saudi Arabia.
  • You must monitor Covid-19 symptoms. If you see any symptoms, call 937 or go to a primary healthcare center or a hospital for emergency (if necessary).
  • Record your health assessment in the Tatamman app daily.
  • Don’t give your passport to anyone even to our representative or your guide. Airport officials can take your passport for completing some formalities. Completing that he/she will give it back to you.
  • If anybody takes your passport from you for any reason, inform us immediately.
  • The hotel check-in and out time is 4:00 pm and 12:00 pm respectively.
  • If you have any requests regarding the hotel room, please contact the hotel reception.
  • The private transport will wait 60 minutes at the Hajj terminal and 15 minutes at the hotel. Maintain the time strictly.
  • For any other queries, please contact our representative or your tour guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hajj

Is your company trustworthy?

Yes, it is. Ours is an IATA accredited and limited company. We provide our services with 100% professionalism. You can undoubtedly take our services to experience our professionalism and trustworthiness.

What is Umrah season?

There is no specific Umrah season to perform Umrah. You can perform that all year-round. Approximately 3 million people perform Umrah each year all year-round.

What is the best time for Umrah?

Though there is no specific season to perform Umrah, but performing Umrah during the Holy Ramadan gives abundant rewards and extra hasant. For this reason, the Holy Ramadan is considered to be the best time for Umrah.

How many days you need for Umrah?

It takes only 3 to 6 hours to perform the complete Umrah rituals, but there is no Umrah package less than seven days.

Can I pray salah at Masjid Al Haram 5 times?

Yes, now you can pray salah at Masjid Al Haram 5 times.

Can I pray salah at Masjid Al Nabawi 5 times?

Yes, now you can pray salah at Masjid Al Haram 5 times.

Is Covid vaccine mandatory for Umrah?

Yes, full doses of the Covid vaccine are mandatory for Umrah. You have to travel 14 days after you complete the full vaccination of the Covid vaccine.

Which vaccines are allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Pfizer Biotech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson vaccines are allowed in Saudi Arabia.

Is Sinopharm vaccine accepted in Saudi Arabia?

No, it is not accepted in Saudi Arabia. But it can be accepted if you take a booster dose of any approved vaccines (Pfizer Biotech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson) if you are fully vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine.

Is Sinovac vaccine accepted in Saudi Arabia?

No, it is not accepted in Saudi Arabia. But it can be accepted if you take a booster dose of any approved vaccines (Pfizer Biotech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson) if you are fully vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine.

Can I cancel my Umrah package booking?

No, you cannot cancel your Umrah package booking by any means even if you taste Covid positive 72 hours before your departure. Once you complete your Umrah package booking, neither reschedule nor re-fund is applicable.

Can I reschedule my flight?

Yes, you can if the tour package schedule matches it. But you have to pay the reschedule fees imposed by the airlines.

Is there any age limit for Umrah Hajj?

Yes, there is. The minimum age limit for Umrah Hajj is 18 years and there is no maximum age limit as long as you are physically fit to perform Umrah.

What are Umrah visa requirements for Bangladeshi?

  1. A complete original Umrah visa application form.
  2. A passport with at least 6-month validity.
  3. A recent passport size color photograph with white background.
  4. A non-refundable return air ticket.
  5. Valid documents for Children and women under 45 going to Saudi Arabia with Mahram relatives.

Is isolation or quarantine mandatory for Umrah?

Neither isolation nor quarantine is not mandatory for Umrah. But a PCR test (done within 72 hours before departure) negative certificate is mandatory to prove you are not Covid diseased.

I performed Hajj 2 years ago. Do I have to pay SAR 2000 to perform Umrah?

No, you don’t need to pay any fees to perform Umrah even you performed Hajj in any years before as there is no connection between the two.

Is there any hidden charge excluded from the Umrah Hajj package price?

No, there is no hidden charge in the Umrah Hajj package. You have to pay the package price only.

I want to visit Jeddah / Tayef. Can you manage it?

Yes, you can. We also offer customized packages on special requests. However, the package price may change for customization.

Can I visit Dubai / Turkey / Egypt from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah?

Yes, you can. We offer such types of travel packages. To book a tour package from Saudi Arabia to Dubai / Turkey / Egypt, you have to pay extra charges. You can also customize your tour package if you want.

Can I choose my preferred airlines for traveling to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, you can. But, it is recommended to travel with the people of your travel group rather than traveling single on your own as group traveling gives you some extra benefits.

Can I book a Haram View or Kaba View room?

Yes, you can. We also offer customized packages on special requests. However, the package price may change for customization.

Which cities can I visit with Umrah visa?

You can visit Jeddha, Makkah, and Madinah with Umrah visa. Visiting other cities in Saudi Arabia is prohibited with the visa.

What is the validity of Umrah visa?

The validity of an Umrah visa is 30 days, it is 15 days in some cases.

I want to apply for Visa only. Can you help me out?

Yes, we can. But it is uncertain to get an approved visa. You can contact us at +880 9678 742 742, for that.

I am a female person. Can I perform Umrah on my own without a Mahram relative?

No, you cannot perform Umrah on your own without a Mahram relative.

I am a female person. Can I perform Umrah with my daughter without a Mahram relative?

No, you cannot. No female person is allowed to perform Umrah without a Mahram relative. The Saudi Government will not issue you a visa.

How many female persons can a Mahram relative take to perform Umrah?

As many as a Mahram relative can take. There is no limitation.

How many Mahram relatives can a female person take to perform Umrah?

A female person can take only 1 Mahram relative with her to perform Umrah.

Who are Mahram relatives of women?

– 4 fatherly persons: father, father-in-law, first paternal uncle(s), first maternal uncle(s).

– 5 brotherly persons: blood brother(s), breast-fed brother(s), paternal grandfather,

maternal grandfather, first grandson(s).

– 5 son like persons: son(s), breast-fed son(s), first nephew(s), son-in-law.

I am a male person under 40. Can I perform Umrah Hajj?

It is sometimes difficult to get a visa for single males under 40, but they can go with female persons as Mahram.

I am a Bangladeshi citizen holding American / Canadian / British / other passports. Can I go for Umrah Hajj?

Yes, you can, but the visa processing for people with dual citizenship is complex.

If I cannot go Umrah for any reason after booking the Umrah package. Can I get a refund for the package price?

No, you cannot. All Umrah packages are non-refundable and non-changeable.

We have a baby. Can we take him with us to perform Umrah?

No, you cannot. No person under 18 is issued an Umrah visa.

How many days do you take to process Umrah visa?

The Umrah visa processing is done within 7 working days.

In how many days after the visa issuance people have to Enter Saudi Arabia?

People have to enter Saudi Arabia within 30 days after the visa issuance.

We are 10 people in a group. Can we get any discount?

Yes, you may get. You can contact us at +880 9678 742 742.

Is food included in the package price?

It depends. Please visit the package description page, or call us +880 9678 742 742.

Is Ziayarah included in the package price?

Yes, it is.

Will Moallem or guide be available during performing Umrah?

Yes, a guide Moallem or guide will be available during performing Umrah.

Do you process Hajj visa?

Yes, we do. Please contact us at +880 9678 742 742.

Can I book Umrah package with my convenient schedule?

Yes, you can. But, once you complete the booking, you cannot change or refund it.

Can I customize the Umrah package?

Yes, you can. But, the package price may change for your customization.

Mine is not a Bangladeshi passport. Can I go for Umrah from Bangladesh?

Yes, you can. But you have to follow some extra formalities. Please contact us at +880 9678 742 742.

Can I take my 16 year old son / brother as Mahram for Umrah?

No, nobody under 18 is given Umrah visa.

We are 5 female persons who want to go for Umrah. Can we take only 1 Mahram with us?

Yes, you can if he is Mahram to all-female persons. Otherwise, you cannot.

Is EMI available for your Umrah package?

Yes, it is. We have EMI facilities with the following banks:

  • Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL).
  • Dhaka Bank Ltd. (DBL)
  • Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (DBBL)
  • NRBC Bank Ltd.
  • Mercantile Bank Ltd.
  • One Bank Ltd.
  • BRAC Bank Ltd.
  • City Bank Ltd.
  • United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCB)

Do you have any branches outside Dhaka city?

No, we don’t.

I live outside Dhaka city. How can I send my passport to you?

You can send your passport to us by courier. Call us at +880 9678 742 742 for further queries.

What is your office address?

Our office address is 43/2 College Area (Adjacent BEL Tower), Flat 4/A, New Market, Road #01, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205. Find us on Google Map here.