Do you want to change the Biman Bangladesh Airlines ticket but don’t know how? Suddenly, circumstances may require you to cancel or alter the flight schedule. That happens rather often. Thus, Biman Bangladesh Airlines has a policy about date changes. The details are described below.

How Can I Change My Flight Ticket's Date?

It is possible to change or cancel tickets after purchasing them. But changing the Biman Bangladesh tickets can cost you money because of penalties.

There are a few ways to change the dates of your flight. You may have to spend more money if the new ticket price is higher than the old one.

Those choices won’t be saved if you’ve already chosen a seat or meal for the new sector. Please select a new flight on the “Manage a Booking” page.

বিমান বাংলাদেশ এয়ারলাইন্সের নতুন টিকিট বা তারিখ পরিবর্তনের জন্য কল করুন: 01974-411102

Domestic Flights Date Cnange Fees

Fare Class Date Change fee Date Change fee Refund Charge Refund Charge Remarks
Before 24 hours
of flight
Within 24 hours/
after flight
departure/ No
Before 24 hours
of flight
Within 24 hours/
after flight
departure/ No
Super Saver
Saver/ Flexi/
Business Saver/
BDT 1000 BDT 1500 BDT 1500 BDT 2000 For Child fare
75% of
Infant : No fee

Different Ways to Change a Flight Ticket Date

There are 3 ways to change your ticket schedule. Describing them below:

Change the date of Saudi Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines tickets by paying a fixed amount of Airlines Fees – 01974-41 11 02.

Change a Flight Ticket Date at the Airport :

You can physically be at the airport to change or cancel your ticket.

  • Go to the airport where you want to catch the flight.
  • Visit the Biman Bangladesh Airlines ATO (Airport Ticket Office).
  • Request a change or cancellation of your flight tickets in a face-to-face meeting with a Biman Bangladesh Airlines executive.

After the cancellation, the refund will be credited to the original card used to buy the tickets.

Call to Change the Flight Ticket :

Changing a ticket does not require you to travel to the airport. A simple phone call would suffice to cancel or alter an airline ticket.

Dial the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Reservations Department. The number to call them for free is +880 2 890 1600. Call the reservation department if you have questions about things like changing the date of your tickets or getting a refund.


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Flight Date Change

Biman International Flights Date Change Charges

Biman International date change Price

International Flights Dathe Change Fees

Biman Date Change Fee

How to Change Biman Bangladesh Ticket Date?

Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ online booking provides you benefits. For example, you can manage your booking online. Passengers can easily update their travel dates online in the current digital era.

The steps are explained below-

  • Visit in your browser to get to the Biman Bangladesh Airlines home page. Find the Log in/ Sign in button to put in your login information for Biman Bangladesh Airlines and click the “Log in” button.
  • Can’t log in? No worries! There is a “Need assistance logging in?” button in the lower right corner. Suppose you are a frequent flyer with Biman Bangladesh Airlines. In that case, you may tick the tiny box labeled “Remember Me?” after entering your login information. Thus, you will not have to exert mental effort to remember your username and password.
  • Having a Biman Bangladesh Airlines account is not required. Visit the official website of Bangladesh Airlines. Then click the “Manage My Trip” button. Please fill in the 2 boxes with your last name and the confirmation code. Then click the search button. You will find your information and be able to change the plan.
  • Click the “Manage Biman Bangladesh Airlines Reservations” link in the “Flight” header of the website.
  • Then click “Biman Bangladesh Airlines Cancel Reservation.” Then click the button that says “Manage Reservations.” It will take you to a new page where you can change your ticket date differently.
  • If you forget your confirmation number, go to your Biman Bangladesh Airlines account and look at your history of booked tickets. You can also find the confirmation number in the email you gave when you signed up. When you booked the key, you mentioned that email.
  • You can get your money back if you change or cancel the tickets. But sometimes you can’t get your money back. Visit “travel funds” to find out if you can get your money back.
  • Do you want to cancel the flight now and buy a ticket later? Then go to the Bangladesh Biman page and click “Cancel My Reservation.” Click the “Yes” button to cancel the tickets for now.
  • Pick the flight for which you want to make changes. Dates, times, and other things are examples. Then jst save the changes and pay the fee.
  • The general process makes it easy to change your flight time, but you should change your ticket within 24 hours. Otherwise, you can’t change your keys. The penalty cost can be less if you change the schedule within 24 hours of making the reservation.

Refund & Change Policy

  • Refunds can be requested for reservations made on using the refund form.
  • The money will be returned to the credit card or mobile banking account used to pay for the item.
  • The standard refund conditions will apply. Cancellation fees and other possible fees may apply to refund requests.
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines will immediately start working on a refund. Depending on the card-issuing bank, it may take up to two billing cycles to show up on your credit card statement.

We also have a policy about fees. There is a fee to change the date of a domestic flight within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, BDT 1,000, and BDT 1,500 after the flight’s departure. Also, international flights have different fees for changing the dates on a ticket. The charges depend on the flight’s destination country.

Call to Change the Biman Ticket Date

Book your flight now without hesitation. Biman Bangladesh Airlines offers the highest level of customer care. You can quickly cancel, modify the ticket’s date, or book a new flight. Air ticket date change website visit right now to get your tickets with new date.