Buy Air Ticket Ltd. offers the best B2B Travel Portal in Bangladesh. The Travel Portal of the company is enriched with all the features that travel agents must have to run their business operations. The article describes what you can do with the Travel Portal of the company. So, go over the article till the end if you are here to look for the Best B2B Travel Portal in Dhaka.

B2B Travel Portal Features Of Buy Air Ticket Ltd.

GDS Flight Booking

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. issues tickets through the GDS Flight Booking system. It allows experienced B2B agents to use their GDS system. For this, the sub-agent has to be eligible for compliant issues and fulfill some other conditions. The agents that partnered with Buy Air Ticket Ltd. are booking tickets through GDS efficiently which is why they love Buy Air Ticket Ltd. and recommend other sub-agents to partner with the company.

Non-GDS Flight Booking

The company lets its B2B partners book Non-GDS Flights. It offers those tickets with the lowest profit margin. It is not only an IARA-accredited agency but also all Non-GDS airlines accredited agent. As a result, the company provides flight booking facilities for all the airlines that are not on the GDS, like Air Asia. Moreover, it provides all sorts of travel services available in the tourism industry, which is why the company is regarded as the one-stop travel service provider.

Dedicated Portal ID is the online portal of Buy Air Ticket Ltd, which can be used with zero flight booking skills. Therefore, travel agents with little or no reservation skills can use it smoothly for their ticket booking. Besides, they are given dedicated portal IDs so that they can manage personalized bookings. Furthermore, they can see the statistics of their booked tickets with the ID. The dedicated Portal ID is the ideal reservation solution for newbies in the travel industry and for those who don’t comply with the compliance issues and other conditions imposed by the company, IATA, and the airlines.

Offline Ticketing

The company has a strong network with all airline companies and other giant travel service providers. So, it can offer flight tickets with special fares, low-cost group or individual tickets, and lucrative discounts for travel services. As a result, the B2B partners get an abundance of opportunities. Whatever travel service request is made by a sub-agent the company provides it instantly. For this reason, the company has grown a huge number of B2B Travel Partners across the country.

Booking Management

The B2B Travel Portal users can manage their bookings whether the flights are booked through the GDS or Non-GDS system. They can check the flight status, hold, refund, and reissue tickets. Moreover, they can print the ticket copy, and share the pdf through different online platforms. In addition to that, the API the company uses is very user-friendly and also responsive, which can be used on all devices, like computers, cell phones, tab, Macs, Windows, Linux, etc.

Credit Facility

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. gives a credit facility to B2B agents. This credit facility gives the opportunity to issue tickets and pay the fare twice a month. To enjoy the facility, the agent has to make an agreement with the company. The company is flexible regarding the date of payments of due bills to be paid by the B2B partners. The sub-agents can choose the date to pay the due bills. This credit facility is a lucrative feature for B2B agents to partner with Buy Air Ticket Ltd.

Online Payment Gateways

This B2B Travel Portal service provider accepts all payment gateways available in Bangladesh as it has partnered with online payment service providers. The most common payment gateways the company accepts are VISA Debit and Credit Card, Master Debit and Credit Card, City Amex, SSL Commerz, and mobile payment gateways, like bKash, Nagad, Upay, and many more. The acceptance of payment gateways has made online purchases easy and simple. Therefore, there is no way to worry about payment whether it is online or offline.

Hotel Reservations

It cannot be described in a short while how many hotels and resorts worldwide are in partnership with the giant travel agency (Buy Air Ticket Ltd.). The sub-agents can book a hotel room instantly with the company whether the hotel is in home or abroad. The company provides the hotel reservations service with the least profit in the market as its sales volume is huge. Hence, you can think of making a deal with this giant B2B Travel Service provider.

Tour Packages

The company offers tour packages for countries from Asia to Europe to Australia. There is not a single habitable region where the company doesn’t arrange holiday packages. Hence, merging with the company will give the sub-agents a huge opportunity to resell holiday trips throughout the world. It is remarkable that the company sells those tour packages at the cheapest price in the tourism industry of Bangladesh. Therefore, you can book tour packages with no second thought from the company as a B2B agent.

Visa Processing

Visa Processing is a cup of tea for the company.  It provides visa processing services for all countries in the world. It has a team of visa experts to serve visa requests. The visa success ratio of the applications submitted by the company is almost 100%. Hence, the existing B2B partners are very happy with the visa support of the company. Many of its sub-agents partnered with the company because of the referral.

Airport Assistance

Airport Assistance is a unique service provided by travel agencies. Buy Air Ticket Ltd. provides this unique travel service at a good number of airports all over the world. The representatives of the company meet and serve clients at the airport. They aid the clients in completing airport formalities, providing logistic support, receive guests on others’ behalf. The service charge for those services is not too high. B2B agents can resell the service at a cheap price and satisfy the clients easily.

Business Report

As the company allows partner agencies to use GDS and Portal IDs, the partner agencies can manage their businesses in their accounts, and generate business reports whenever they want. Besides, they can see the statistics of their issued tickets, the rise and fall of the sales volume, etc. The systems Buy Air Ticket uses for its services include the most updated features, which facilitate performing business operations efficiently.

Instant Agent Support

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. has a dedicated team of customer support. They serve clients instantly right after any service request is made. B2B partners are also assigned dedicated support team members to contact for any necessities. So, they get services in the shortest possible time. Sometimes, the company provides reservation training for newbies in the tourism industry. Furthermore, it also provides marketing support for those agencies in need. These are how Buy Air Ticket Ltd. manages B2B partner agents.


Buy Air Ticket Ltd. provides the best services to its clients whether it comes to serving the end customer or the B2B partner agents. The most popular and notable strength of the company is its B2B Travel Portal, which it uses to serve all clients. You can get the facility to use this outstanding B2B Travel Portal by making a partnership with the company. Here the contact (+880 1711-788031) of the company has been included for your convenience so that you can take the B2B Portal service of the company.