No one can doubt whether airplanes are the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to travel. In India there are other modes of transport such as rail and road. But they can’t be faster than air traffic.

This explains why many airlines operate in India today. With the busy way of life and the demand for the people to get to various destinations as quickly as possible, many Indians have now turned to aviation. The increased number and usage of flights in India has led to a revolution in domestic flights. Currently one can easily get cheap Indian domestic flights with cheap airfare and admirable in-flight services. One of the airlines that has all of these advantages is Air India.

In this article we are going to tell more about Air India including why you should get on board and how to get your plane tickets.

Let’s jump right in without wasting any time.

Who are this Air India?

Air India is a national airline of India. It is now a merged airline after swallowing other domestic Indian airlines. It was an idea of ​​the Tata Group, which at the time was one of the leading global economic conglomerates in India.

It started as Tata Airlines before the Indian government took control and changed its name to Air India. The government then gave him the Maharaja mascot, which has remained his international mark of identity to this day. Air India can be described as an airline that offers a mix of the most modern amenities, services from friendly staff and a comfortable journey for its customers.

Air India is the icon of the airline in India. It is the oldest airline in the country. The airline has served Indians for many years than any other airline in the country. This is one of the airlines to consider when using Indian domestic airlines.

It has two hubs, the main hub is located at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and the second hub is located at Chhtrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

The airline currently operates a total of 125 aircraft, including the Boeing 787, the Boeing 777 series, the Boeing 747 wide-body fleet, the Airbus A320neo, the wide-body aircraft of the Airbus A320ceo family and some narrow-body aircraft.

It’s not the only airline in India. It offers its services in competition with other airlines such as GoAir, Air Deccan, Jagson, SpiceJet, IndiGo and many other airlines that have been operating in India for several years. They are also some of the airlines that you can book your flight with and enjoy their bespoke service. You also have everything to choose from for your flights according to your preferences in terms of arrival time, departure time, luxury, cabin class or any other comfort.

Air India Flights Ticket Booking

Book your Flight with Air India

There is no best way to book your flight with Air India than by going online. It is recommended that you go online and reserve your Air India ticket a little earlier in advance of the day of your travel. There are many benefits associated with booking tickets early or in advance. One of the advantages is the ability to get fair prices.

Air India tickets can be purchased or reserved at All cabin classes, business class, economy class or first class can be booked.

Everyone has different fixed prices depending on the chosen destination. But of all the options, the first class, which offers a bit more luxury and comfort, is more expensive. So if you need to book first class travel with Air India you need to be willing to spend money. However, there are a few approaches that can help you pay somehow lower than it could be. In the following section, we’ll look at some of these approaches.

How do I get cheap Air India Tickets?

In general, Air India tickets are reasonably priced as it is a state-owned airline. However, it might be too high for some people who want to travel on Air India or first class. While we are still in the waves of Covid-19, the economy is still not standing and we need to save as much as possible.

Here are the approaches that will enable one to pay less for Air India plane tickets:

Stay up to date

Keeping up with all the travel trends will help you get all the travel deals available. Air India has their official website and will post there when they have a quote. So if you regularly visit their website or any other news source, you can find out about such offers and get noticed.

Remember that offers are gold miners and are not available on a regular basis. If they are available, they don’t last long and only those who hold them can use them.

Book multiple tickets

If you book multiple tickets, you will get discounts. This is especially the case if you buy your ticket through tour guards. However, you should be more careful buying your ticket through tour guards and tourism companies as they often issue late tickets and some even scam their customers.

However, this is not the case with the travel agencies as there are other trustworthy people. They can give you a refund or offer an alternative way to change your ticket if there is a problem that prevents you from using your ticket.

Book a ticket in the low season 

One way to pay less for a plane ticket, whether you board with Air India or another airline, is to book your ticket out of season. For example, if you’re traveling for Christmas, book your ticket a few months in advance, for example in August. This way, you can get relatively cheap Air India flight tickets. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to plan your upcoming tour.

Book your ticket in advance

Other ways to ensure that you pay less for your Air India plane ticket are to make sure that you pre-book your ticket. By booking your ticket a month or more in advance, you can pay less. However, sometimes last minute bookings can make a good deal as airlines may want to fill vacancies, in most cases tickets are generally more expensive at peak times.

Go for Reselling Tickets

There is some time that Air India sells these canceled or unused tickets and such tickets cost relatively less. Getting such tickets, which are usually sold by Air India at minimal prices, can be a way to save money.

Be Flexible when Booking Tickets

Flexibility in travel time or date can open up another way to pay less for plane tickets. Traveling late at night or early in the morning can save you a lot of money. Air India tickets are usually relatively cheap during such times.

Consider Booking Return Tickets

You can pay more for the ticket if you buy a single ticket to a destination and then separately book a return ticket. So reserving a round-trip ticket to travel to and from a destination can be a cash-saving approach.

Register in one of the available travel clubs.

There are many such travel clubs in India and it is advisable that you become a member of one of them. The travel clubs negotiate for your cheaper flight tickets and inform about available discounts that have been offered to them on various airlines.

Take Advantage of Offers for Special Groups of People

If you are a military service, student, or senior, there are some instances where your tickets will cost less than ordinary people. Many people are not aware of this. If you happen to fall into this group and they have such a special type of ticket on offer, we recommend you give it a try and save some money on your flights.

Why book your Flights with Air India?

As I said before, there are many airlines in India, but Air India stands out for a number of reasons. These are some of the reasons one can admire booking flights with Air India.

Best planes

The first reason is their best planes. They have different types of aircraft, both wide-body and narrow-body, with a load capacity from 3 to over 180 passengers. Air India’s various types of aircraft guarantee a very pleasant flight experience for everyone, whether for business, economy or first-class cabin services.

Efficient service

If you have been looking for an airline that provides efficient service to Indians, then there is none other than Air India. They are polite and courteous employees who treat every boarding school student with respect and courtesy, regardless of social status.

There are a variety of basic services offered to passengers on board to make their journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This also includes food, drinks and entertainment.

Affordable prices

Apart from guaranteeing a comfortable flight experience, Air India, the national airline, offers the cheapest fares. To be honest, Air India can be considered one of the cheapest airlines for anyone looking to fly to, within, or from India. The airline has connections to over 60 countries and anyone can book the flight to travel to these countries from India with Air India.

Comfortable Flight Service

Air India is not just a low-cost airline, but a comfortable way for travelers to fly from, within, or to India. Since 2004, Air India has been the best way for anyone to fly to the Middle East or South Asia. While it offers the three cabin classes Business, Economy and First Class, it is suitable for a wide range of passengers from different social classes.

Wider coverage

Whether in Africa, Europe, Asia or America, you can still book your ticket with Air India. The booking was easily made over the internet. You have a secure online system where potential boarders can securely book their tickets.

Multiple discount offers

Air India offers various discount offers. It is such offers that make flying with this airline more affordable for those who want to fly but are still on a tight budget.

There are a variety of promotional offers that this airline regularly advertises to its valued customers.

  • A combination of a low-cost carrier (LCC) and a full-service airline.

Air India recognizes that there are different categories of people with different travel needs and has used their services to cater to a wider range of people.

If you have travel needs to small cities within India, you can use their low cost carriers and get your destinations. On the other hand, you can use their full-service carriers if you want to travel to major and underground cities.

Offering their services in low-key levels ensures that all customers are satisfied regardless of their travel needs. This guarantees that the level of service and quality of service in every cabin class, regardless of whether you are a low-cost carrier or a full-service aircraft, does not make a big difference.

Whether you choose LCC or FSC, you get all the services you deserve with every meal, drink or entertainment on board. The price is also proportional to the services to be received on board.

  • Multiple mode of payment

Booking your plane ticket with Air India is hassle free as multiple payment methods are accepted. Whether you want to pay by bank deposit, plastic money or PayPal, you will have no problem.


Air India is a complete airline. It suits both of you who are looking for the highest level of extravagance comfort at a conservative price. The airline strives to bring world-class extravagance to its fliers and to make itself perhaps the best airline in the world. Air India is the most important global airline with origins in India. It has also been perceived for the efficient services it provides to its customers.

Buying a plane ticket with Air India is a certain ease as everything can be done online. These tickets are available at an effectively reasonable price. The airline’s standpoint is to provide reasonable loyalty to its customers.

Enjoy your flight with Air India