Traveling is now getting more popular in Bangladesh nowadays. With that upward trend, Bangladesh Tourism Industry is also boosting. For this reason, travel agencies are performing well. Some of them are doing extraordinarily well. Here are the top ten travel agencies in Bangladesh mentioned below.

Let We Explain Why There are Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh:

Buy Air Ticket Ltd.

Buy Air Ticket Ltd., located in Dhanmondi 1, Dhaka is the best online travel agency in Bangladesh. It sells retail travel services at the cheapest price in the industry. The service quality is also very high. The company integrates all major GDS APIs and some specific airlines’ APIs into their online portal, as a result, customers can compare prices and find the cheapest deals. That is why customers love the company. Moreover, customers get a lucrative eCash bonus on first sign-up on the company web portal.

Cosmos Holiday

Cosmos Holiday, situated at Dhanmondi 14, Dhaka is one of the leading travel agencies in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2012. Since then, it has been providing quality services to clients. The service prices of the company are reasonable. The company is highly experienced in providing travel services. It offers luxury global tours, air ticketing, visa processing, hotel reservations, and many more.

Obokash.Com is another top travel agency in Bangladesh. It specializes in providing outbound tours. It sells cheap tour packages including umrah and hajj packages. The company provides visa processing services with ease. The company also offers group travels, business travels and many more with low prices.

Share Trip

Share Trip is a dynamic travel agency in Dhaka. The company aims at making travel easier for travelers. It has launched an innovative and easy-to-use app for travel-related issues and services like air ticketing, hotel reservations, tour packages, religious pilgrimage, etc. It sells services at very competitive prices.

Tour Group Bd

Tour Group Bd is a full-fledged tour operator in Bangladesh based in Panthapath, Dhaka. It provides services for worldwide destinations. The travel agency is recognized as a leading travel agency in Bangladesh, that sells the most popular travel services at a competitive price.

Hajee Air Travels

Hajee Air Travels is one of the top travel agencies in Dahaka, which offers secret deals to its portal subscribers. It provides a wide range of travel services to clients. The services of this company are cheap in comparison to quality.

Heritage Air Express

Heritage Air Express is one of the oldest travel agencies in Bangladesh, which was established in 1998. Since then it has been running its business with honor by providing quality travel services. The service prices are very competitive in the travel industry. This is one of the reasons why people recommend the company.

Talon Corporation

Talon Corporation is a leading online travel agency in Bangladesh. The service area of the company is very wide which include air ticket booking, hotel reservations, tour packages, pilgrimage tour, etc. Though it provides exclusive travel services, the prices are reasonable.

Flight Expert

Flight Expert is one of the top travel agencies in Bangladesh. It is very popular among travelers. Those who travel to foreign countries take services most often from this company. The company specializes in air ticket booking. It has a worldwide travel network which is why it can provide quality services worldwide.


Gozayaan is another leading travel agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It provides all the amazing travel services that travelers love. These amazing services are the reasons why people take services repeatedly from this travel agency. The employees of the company are very sincere and well-behaved.

Among all these travel agencies above, in our opinion, Tourist Mentor Ltd. is the best travel agency in Bangladesh comparing its services, qualities, and efficacies of the employees. That is why most travelers recommend the company.