Happy Hikers at Machu Picchu
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The best travel time to visit Peru with its desert, Andean peaks, and Pacific coast and travel tips can be found here.

The best travel time for Peru according to the climate table

  • Best travel time: June to September is the dry season; On the coast, there is the least fog from December to April
  • Rainy season: November to March
  • Transition months: The weather is very changeable in September, October, April, and May

Amazon Jungle, Atacama Desert, Andes Peak with 6700 meters and 2600 kilometers of coastline on the Pacific: Peru is located in the west of South America below the equator and has due to its large north-south extent and huge differences in altitude on different climatic conditions.

Peru’s winter is summer for us

The Pacific coast is dominated by a very dry climate with an average of 23 degrees, year-round water temperatures of only 13 to 16 degrees Celsius and frequent coastal fog. The reason is the ocean current called Humboldt-Strom, which transports cold water from the Antarctic to the north. Bathing temperatures with water levels up to 25 degrees prevail only in the north of the country, around the beaches Mancora, Zorritos, and Tumbes.

In the south, part of the Atacama Desert considered the driest region in the world, stretches out. Depending on the altitude, temperatures in the Andes range between plus 25 and minus degrees to more than 5000 meters. For the rainforest, the climate table indicates a tropical rain climate with temperatures of around 28 degrees and high humidity. From May to October, the least rainfall occurs here in the lowlands. The Andes also have a dry season from May to September – the perfect travel time for outdoor activities such as mountaineering and trekking.

The peculiarities of Peru

  • Cusco: The former capital of the Inca Empire lies in the center of the Andean highlands at 3416 meters and is the starting point for the most famous attraction in the country.
  • Machu Picchu: From April to October, the most spectacular tour on the Inca Trail to the ruin of the “City in the Clouds” at an altitude of 2450 meters is the most popular tour.
  • Nazca: December to April is the ideal travel time to fly over the desert located 550 kilometers south of Lima and see the mysterious Nazca lines, geoglyphs and huge pre-Inca era ravages.
  • Atacama: In the south, the desert, where it never rains, extends to Chile. Desert tours are best started from October to May. Attention, there can be big temperature differences between day, 30 degrees, and night, -15 degrees.
  • Animals: From January, thousands of sea lions on the Ballestas Islands will give birth to their young. In the cooler season, between July and December, it is best to spot giant tortoises, penguins, whales, and lizards in the Galapagos Islands. Divers prefer the warm period between January and June. In the Andes live the condor, the king of the skies, llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas. In the jungle areas, there are pumas, jaguars, parrots, giant otters, monkeys, tapirs, alligators and 1800 species of birds to discover.
  • Chan Chan: The largest sand-built city in the world is located near Trujillo, about 500 kilometers north of Lima.
  • Beaches: There is hardly any coastal fog in the north and on the beaches of Mancora and Zorritos in the Tumbes region, sun, sandy beaches and waves are waiting for surfers and swimmers.

A travel tip for your tour of Peru

The Lake Titicaca in the southeast (best travel time March to May and October and November) belongs to both Peru and neighboring Bolivia. Many tourists combine their trip with a crossing to Bolivia, where the sun and moon islands are, where indigenous groups still live as in ancient times. Attention, since Lake Titicaca is 3812 meters high, the average temperatures are only around 10 degrees.

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