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Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) is located on the banks on the river Hooghly. As per historians and archaeological evidences, it is stated that the city has been the home for many for two millennia. Kolkata is a city which comprises of three villages Kalikata (a fishing village), Gobindopur and Sutanuti (riverside weavers’ village). The three villages were united to form Calcutta (present day Kolkata) under the jurisdiction of Job Charnock (Colonial administrator to the East India Company) in 1690; the sources were later condemned by Calcutta High Court in 2003 and were declared to purge all evidences from textbooks and official documents. The city was captured by Siraj Ud-Daulah (Nawab of Bengal) in 1756 and the East India Company was took the power in their hands the following year after the famous Battle of Plassey (1757). Calcutta (present day Kolkata) served as the capital of British held territories of India till 1911 which was later moved to Delhi with the rise of nationalism. Calcutta still remains the hotbed of Indian Politics and serves as the cultural capital of India.


Kolkata is where communism and capitalism collide. A home to austere British colonial era buildings with a wide array of heritage structures comprising of Gothic, Roman, Indo-Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. Kolkata is the home to Indian Nationalism, hotbed of political norms and the country’s cultural centre. Buildings and monuments dot the city streets and by lanes reminding the travelers who shaped the city. The buildings in Kolkata are filled with ornate arches, imposing statues, and gleaming marble floors, they reflect various aspects of the Colonial culture that was brought on to the shores of Bengal by the East India Company in the 17th Century. The city is well connected via metro railways near the major points of attraction.

Curl Up With A Book at College Street (BOI PARA):


A street with a 200 year old journey and a paradise for book lovers. The entire street stretches for 1.5 kms which is the home for the largest book market in the world. College Street derives its name from the presence of multiple colleges in and around the area. College Street came to prominence with the inception of Presidency University (previously known as Hindoo College) in 1817.  Kolkata INDIAN COFFEE HOUSECollege Street is also the home of University of Calcutta (1857), one of the first major multidisciplinary university in South Asia. College Street also houses the intellectual activity of the city especially in the Indian Coffee house, a cafe which has attracted intelligentsia for centuries. Boi-Para is well connected via private buses and metro stations, nearest being the Central Metro Station.

Reminisce The Past With a Trip to The Victoria Memorial:


Victoria Memorial is built in Indo-Saracenic Revival Architectural Style and was built to commemorate the service of Queen Victoria to the British Empire. It was built roughly between 1906 and 1921with a height of 54 meters which serves as the perfect tourist spot for the travelers. Victoria Memorial serves as the beacon of Kolkata tourism and it cannot be missed if one is travelling to Kolkata.
Location: Queen’s Way, Kolkata (Nearest Metro Station- Maidan)
10AM to 5PM
Entry Fees:
INR 10/-

Go to an Interstellar Journey at The Birla Planetarium:

KOLKATA BIRLA PLANETERIUMThe Birla Planetarium was built in 1963, a single storied observatory building which features regular astronomy shows in multiple languages. Astronomy shows are a special attraction for the adults as wells as for the kids. The Birla planetarium is located near The Victoria Memorial which is easily accessible by road.
Location: Cathedral Road (Nearest Metro Station: Maidan)
12:30PM to 6:30PM
Entry Fees:
INR 80/-

Revive Your Religious Inclination at The St.Paul’s Cathedral:

KOLKATA st pauls cathedralIt is one of the oldest cathedrals of Kolkata known for its spiritual and peaceful ambience. It is maintained by the Church of North India. St. Paul’s Cathedral is widely known for its lush green gardens and pearl white building with vivid Indo-Gothic interiors. KOLKATA INTERIOR OF ST PAULS CATHEDRALThe St. Paul’s Cathedral was roughly constructed between 1839 – 1847.
Location: 1A, Cathedral Road adjacent to The Birla Planetarium (Nearest Metro Station- Maidan)
10AM to 6PM


ReStore Your Love For Cricket at The EDEN Gardens:


An iconic cricket stadium established in 1864 which is home or the Indian National Cricket Team, Kolkata Knight Riders and the Bengal Cricket Team. It is considered to be the Lord’s of the East which has hosted iconic cricket matches. Primarily known for hosting cricket matches throughout the year but Eden Gardens has also hosted football matches where in one of the matches the great Brazilian footballer Pele has dribbled across the lush greens of the ground.
Location: BBD Bagh connected via various buses and Esplanade being the nearest metro station.
Depending of match schedules.
Entry Fees:
Ticket prices vary depending on the matches played.


Seek Divinity in The Dakhineshwar and Kalighat Temple:

KOLKATA Dakshineswar-Kali-Temple-Kolkata

Kolkata is surrounded by various temples but Kalighat temple and Dakhineshwar Temple stands out from the all that are present in and around Kolkata. kolkata kalighat kali templeDakhineshwar is located on the Eastern Banks of the Hooghly River and Kalighat is located in the suburbs of South Kolkata. Kalighat Temple is well connected via metro and kalighat metro station being the closest.
Location: Kalighat Temple: Anami Sangha ; Dakhineshwar Temple: Eastern banks of the Hooghly River.
5AM to 8PM


A Romantic Walk in The Evening Through The Howrah Bridge:

KOLKATA HOWRAH BRIDGE AT NIGHTThe Howrah Bridge which was formerly known as the Pontoon Bridge, finished construction in 1872 and later renovated in 1943. The construction of the Howrah was brought to halt in 1941 due to fear of attacks by the Japanese planes in the Second World War to avoid catastrophic outcomes similar to Pearl Harbor. The first vehicle to cross the Howrah Bridge was a solitary tram. Howrah Bridge is also considered to be the ‘the gateway to Kolkata’. On a daily basis 150,000 pedestrians cross the Howrah Bridge which makes it the busiest cantilever bridge in the World. A romantic walk in the sunset is a must for all travelers visiting Kolkata.
Location: Howrah, West Bengal (Nearest Metro station- Mahatma Gandhi Road).


Go Boating at Princep Ghat to Enjoy The Sunset:


Princep Ghat is situated near the Hooghly River and it is one of the oldest ghats built during the British Period. Princep Ghat provides the best place to enjoy the sunset under the mighty Hooghly Bridge. After all the tiresome traveling throughout the city, one can let go off themselves and sink in the tranquility. There are boats available on per hour basis to give a boat ride in the river.
Location: Opposite Fort William, Hastings, Kolkata (Nearest Metro Station: Esplanade)
Princep Ghat is open 24 hours.
Boat rides are available from 10AM to 6PM


Get Lost in a Time Warp Inside The Marble Palace:



The Marble Palace is one of the most seasoned and all around safeguarded nineteenth century neoclassical manor in North Kolkata and says a lot about Kolkata is the City Of Palaces. Invest energy with your family or companions here and appreciate the effortlessness of the day and additionally the muddled engineering of this excellence. 12 foot sculpture of Queen Victoria from a single American Rosewood trunk is the major attraction in the Marble Palace along with the bronze ceiling, 3D painting and a 17pound Gold table clock. Dissipate another plan from your rundown of the best activities in Kolkata. Keep in mind to connect with the numerous creatures that Marble Palace is home to.
Location: 46, Muktaram Babu Street, Kolkata (Nearest Metro Station: M.G. Road)
11AM to 6PM
Entry Fee:
A pass has to be collected from the Tourism Department for free.


Set a Date With The Dead in The Indian Meuseum:

INDIAN MUSEUM in KOLKATAThe biggest and most established exhibition hall of India is arranged ideal here in Kolkata. Captivating, would it say it isn’t? See the uncommon accumulation of collectibles, protection and trimmings, fossils, skeletons, mummies, and Mughal artworks on your visit to this excellent wonder. It’s yet another treat to the admirers of notable circumstances who wish to take in more about the past of not simply Kolkata, but rather of human advancement itself.

Location: 27, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Colootola, New Market Area (Nearest Metro Station: Park Street)
Timings: 10AM to 5PM
Entry fee:
The Entrance fee for Indians is Rs.20 and for foreigners is Rs.500.



Hop on to a Tram (Cable Car) to Experience Every Nook of The Historic:

TRAM CABLE CAR KolkataExperience old Kolkata with a fun cable car ride. After the famous cable car in San Francisco, Kolkata is the only city that provides the enchantment. A standout amongst the most enchanting parts of Kolkata, these cable cars are the life saver of the city that assistance a large number of its office goers drive every day. With a limit of 24 travelers and outfitted with a TV and FM radio, these AC cable car run four rides day by day toward the north and south of the city. A ride more than one will give you a great time.
Location: Esplanade Tram Depot.
Entry Fees:
INR 250-300


Hog and Shop in The Hogg Market and Park Street:


Kolkata is a gastronomical joy for all foodies, particularly those with a sweet tooth. Outfitted with a wide range of cooking styles, the kitchens and road trucks of Kolkata are known to offer wonders like the telebhaja, kathi rolls, churmur, and luchi aloor dum which are the brilliant specialities. Other than these, desserts like rasgulla, sandesh, and mishti dohi discover a place on the menus of all real Kolkata eateries. Those heavenly dishes of browned fish dunked in mustard sauce arranged in relatively every family of Kolkata will make them return for additional. Park Street is a notorious road in the City of Kolkata that fills in as a harbor for the shopping insane people.


Give your overwhelming stashes a chance to turn light while you run wild on a shopping binge till time unhinged. A portion of the best things to purchase in Kolkata incorporate desserts, jute make things, books, earthenware structures, conventional sarees, tea, paper mâché veils, Dokra, and the sky is the limit from there. Other than shopping, it’s where you can genuinely witness the amazing Christmas festivities.

Some of the famous eateries in Kolkata are Peter Cat, Waldorf, Mocambo, Moulin Rouge, 6 Ballygunj Place, Mainland China, Marco Polo, Balwant Singh Eating House.

Location: Dahramtalla (Nearest Metro Station: Esplanade and Park Street)
10AM to 9PM

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