What’s It Like to Spend a Day in Jim Corbett Resorts

If you want to imagine what an ideal day would feel like in a good, ambient-friendly Jim Corbett Resort, read more… With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to explore the hidden treasures...
সুনামগঞ্জের (Sunamganj ) লাউয়েরগড়ে শিমুল বাগান

সুনামগঞ্জ জয়নাল আবেদিন শিমুল বাগান

সুনামগঞ্জের লাউয়েরগড়ে জয়নাল আবেদীন গড়ে তুলেছেন এই বিশাল শিমুল বাগান । প্রকৃতি আর মানব কল্পনার এক অপরূপ মেলবন্ধন যাদুকাটা নদীর তীরে জয়নাল আবেদীনের শখের শিমুল বাগান। । কোলাহলমুক্ত এক নৈসর্গিক স্থান । আজ থেকে এক...
Hotel Kollol Cox’s Bazar

Hotel Kollol

Most people search either for 5 star hotels to pertain sheer luxury or 3 star hotels to spend more and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Cox’s Bazar. But don’t forget about the 4 star hotels...
Fu Wang Dominous Resort Cox’s Bazar

Fu Wang Dominous Resort

Fu Wang Dominous Resort is one of the most beautifully designed 3 star hotel, which is located very near to the famous Laboni Beach. When you’re planning for a long desired vacation at the world’s...
Hotel Ocean Paradise

Hotel Ocean Paradise

Do you want to enjoy your stay at Cox’s Bazar with your heart-full? No other hotel or resort can offer such magnificent scenario of tropical sea view as the light get into your room...
Hotel Silver Shine

Hotel Silver Shine

Do you love to walk on miles of golden sands? Want to enjoy mesmerizing surfing waves? Collect rare conch shells? Come at Cox’s Bazar and pick hotel Silver Shine to make your holidays more joyous...
Hotel White Orchid

Hotel White Orchid

You’ll find plenty of lodge or motels near Kolatoli Beach, but we bet you can’t find another one such beautifully designed like the Hotel White Orchid. Yes, White Orchid Resort is one of the...
Hotel the Cox Today

Hotel the Cox Today

Hotel the Cox Today is definitely one of the most stunning looking 5 star hotel, where you can enjoy absolute luxury in a comparatively moderate price range. Among all the 5 star and 4 star...
Resort Beach View Cox’s Bazar

Resort Beach View Cox’s Bazar

Resort Beach View is a little piece of paradise in the finest resort destination of the world – Cox's Bazar. It is located only 250 meters away from Sea Beach beside Kolatoli Road, Cox’s...
Coral Island Saint Martin’s speed boat driving

Tour at Coral Island View Resort Saint Martin’s

Coral Island Saint Martin’s is the heaven of natural beauty. It is not require explaining about the beauty of Saint Martin’s. It may the best destination for crazy travelers. Any travelers can enjoy blue...

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